7 best creative drawing gadgets in 2021

“Creative drawing gadgets”

Creative drawing gadgets are useful tools for artists and designers. They are useful to make pictures, logos, and used for website Designing. There are thousands of Creative drawing gadgets that are on the list which can enhance your creativity. Most of the drawing gadgets are the future tech to solve different problems. Today we are going to show you some of these amazing gadgets that every artist must use.

1)  Moleskine Writing Kit

Moleskine Writing Kit is an amazing gift and creative drawing gadget for designers. It is smart writing set with a writing pad and pen tool to draw anything.

It is like a notepad which compatible with notebooks and many other devices. This amazing gadget can combine analog and digital content side by side.

You can call this device a paper tablet which allows you how to organize your drawing not only on paper but also sync with real digital design on smartphones and tablets.


  • Paper tablet with smartpen, USB charger cable, pen refill ink.
  • You can easily transfer your design from page to screen to digitize analog design into digital note and design.
  • It is compatible with Android and Apple devices.
  • You can save your document in multimedia, PDF, pictures many other formats, and upload it to Google or Evernote.

Moleskine Writing Kit

2) Cube

For every artist, colors are one of the best important things to draw any picture. Without color, there is nothing then a Blank Page. Cube is one of the best drawing tools that will enhance the creativity of any artist by picking colors from anywhere.

This amazing gadget can pick the color from any surface by tapping a button on it. Cube is a digitized technology that will pick the matching color of any device or thing and save it for future use.


  • It is the best Graphic design tool
  • Paint matching device
  • Colour visualizer
  • Data analyzer
  • You can analyze different colors and store them in the color palette app.



3) 3Doodler

3Doodler another amazing drawing gadget for kids in 2020. 3Doodler makes the 3D drawing in real life by making 3D structures possible. By using this amazing tool we can make any kind of structure and imagination into reality. By using just an ordinary pen we can draw different objects and designs and whatever we want.

This device is made for kids and youngers to make anything. 3Doodler Creat+ is an app that will teach you how to draw 3D drawing and its basics.



4) Huion L4S LED Light Pad

Huion L4S LED Light Pad is one of the useful gadgets and devices powered with USB control. This device has a special feature that will allow any kind of person with eyesight protection Technology.

Most of the designers used Gadgets and toss with high brightness that can harm eyesight. For this reason, Huion L4S LED Light Pad is one of the comfortable tools for how to make drawing and sketching different stuff for many hours.


  • Animation, cartoon and used for professional work
  • Transferring slider into photographs and film
  • It has the feature of X-Ray vision
  • Crafts project, fabric design, and tattoo tracing
  • It is the best gadget for calligraphy and sketch designing


Huion L4S LED Light Pad

5)  Scribble Pen

Scribble Pen another amazing drawing gadget tool that can draw any kind of color you like. This amazing tool is futuristic technology for drawing and painting. It has many useful features such as RGB color sensors drawing tips, cross-platform compatibility, and many other amazing features.


  • Built-in RGB color pick any color from an object or surface
  • It has different types and size of drawing tips with accurate drawing and writing
  • Amazing ink refilling with maximum times of work with any kind of environment and also it is water-resistant ink
  • Quick recharge using micro USB cables and amazing performance of battery e time of 15 hours of ultimate power
  • Cross-platform compatibility with iOS 7 plus and Android 4.0+


Scribble Pen

6) Wacom Intous Drawing Tablet

Wacom Intous Drawing Tablet another gift for artists and designers. This amazing gadget has almost 10 000 Pantone color values, capturing any color for you to amazing drawing capabilities. This one is one of the professional gadgets which will boost your creativity with advanced tools such as color picking, easy-to-use, and customizable Express keys, and more.

Wacom Intous Drawing Tablet

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